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Consumer Alerts

The Heartbleed Bug (04/11/14)

On April 7, 2014, security researchers reported an internet vulnerability called Heartbleed. This bug is a flaw in the software used to protect communication between your internet browser and web sites you visit.

Whether you access your First National Bank account via your computer or mobile device your user name, password and account information was not compromised due to the Heartbleed vulnerability.

Protecting your personal information, identity and accounts is a top priority at First National Bank.  We encourage you to visit our Online Security and Protection page for internet security information and tips

If you have questions or concerns, please call 865-986-3546.

Click here for important information for computers running Windows XP (1-23-14)

If your computer is running Windows XP your personal information may be at risk after April 8, 2014. Click the link above to learn more.

Gmail Account Takeover (08/30/13)

We have had reports of customers who have been affected by Gmail account takeover. The hackers are using emails to specifically target financial information they can use to steal funds.

The hackers are going through the compromised email accounts looking for emails that have previously been sent to the email owner’s financial institution. The hackers have forwarded previous email chains to financial institution employees that have traded previous emails with the victim seeking information and funds posing as the customer.

Some of the following tips may help reduce the risk of becoming a victim of this kind of fraud:

  • Make sure you log out of your email session especially when using a computer other then you home computer or a public network
  • Create strong passwords
  • Avoid auto storing your email password
  • Keep your email clean and uncluttered by deleting old emails from your inbox, deleting items from your sent box and emptying your deleted email often

Suspicious Phone Calls (07/10/13)

We have had a customer to report that he received a computer generated phone call claiming to be from First National Bank. The voice said “If this is “customer name” press 1. There were two other questions asked about the customer but when the customer pressed “1” nothing happened. Please be suspicious of these types of calls. Our advice for our customers is if you have any question about the legitimacy of the call you should hang up and call us (865-986-3546) first to determine if the call was from us. In most cases it has not come from us.  We also do not do any type of automated phone calling.