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Our History


On May 2, 1907, First National Bank received its charter as a National Bank. Capital Stock and surplus were $55,102. Deposits the opening day were $4,582.84 and loans made that day amounted to $595. John F. Eason was the first president of the bank and served in that capacity until March 1930. The bank had $700,000. in total assets at that time. J.S. Jamerson, Sr. was elected as his successor. During Mr. Jamerson's presidency, the nation entered into the "Great Depression". The assets of the bank dropped to less than $600,000 and surplus and undivided profits dropped to less than $100,000. Even in those trying times, the bank remained solvent, thus beginning the reputation of safety and soundness that continues today. 

During the Depression years the bank redeemed the schoolteachers' pay warrants and held them sometimes up to a full year when the city and county money was at a very low ebb. In 1940, the Tennessee Valley Authority moved into Loudon County. At near the same time Oak Ridge, Tennessee, located 18 miles north of Lenoir City, came into being as part of the Manhattan Project (the creation of the atomic bomb). These two events fostered the acceleration of growth and prosperity that remains in this area. At the time of Mr. Jamerson's death in 1955 the bank had grown to over $5,000,000 with capital surplus and undivided profits greater than $400,000. In 1955 C. T. Burdett became president with Will A. Hildreth as his successor in 1972. Jack B. Hill was elected president in 1993 and served until his retirement in 1997. At that time James Curtis was elected president. Mr. Curtis served until his retirement in 2002. Mark Hackney served as interim president until our current president, C. David Allen, was elected in December of 2002.


Our Commitment

Integrity is Uncompromised

We cultivate trust and are consistent, always taking responsibility for our actions. Through the performance of our work we seek to create individual and institutional integrity. We are genuine in our dealings and we respect our relationship with our customers. We cannot accommodate any compromise in our principles regarding confidentiality or conflicts of interests.

Teamwork gets Goals Accomplished

We believe that by working together as a team, any goal can be accomplished. We recognize individual creativity; however, dedication to teamwork that transcends individual concerns will always be our standard.

Highest Quality Customer Service

We are committed through friendly professional employees to offer the highest quality service and financial products. We will strive to comprehend our customers' financial needs and to provide their expectations while at the same time protecting the economic performance of our organization. Smile, say hello, and always thank the customer!

Employees are First National Bank

We recognize that our employees are critical for the success of First National Bank. We will provide education and training in an environment that promotes beneficial growth of the individual and ultimately the organization. They will be held accountable and their accomplishments will be appropriately rewarded. Effective employee communication and feedback is continuous and expected.

We are a Part of Our Communities

We are a product of our communities, and we recognize that the success of First National Bank depends in large part on the success of our localities. The employees of our organization are expected to contribute in a positive manner to the communities that are served.

Change is Individual Development

We expect change and will respond in appropriate and innovative ways to an everchanging financial environment. Our positive adaptation to change will improve our development as individuals and the performance of our organization.