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Cash Management

Business Online Banking

First National Bank Online Banking gives you access to your bank account information 24/7, anytime, anywhere including:

  • Balance information
  • Current and previous transactions including ATM and Debit Card usage
  • View statement history and download statements
  • View and print check images and statements
  • Transfer between FNB accounts
  • Pay FNB loan payments
  • Request stop payment on checks written

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination

Save time and money with ACH (Automated Clearing House) services:

  • Manage your payroll
  • Upload ACH files created by other programs
  • Set up employee user access relevant to their responsibilities
  • Send vendor payments
  • Collect membership dues, payments

Direct Deposit / Payroll

Direct Deposit allows you to automatically deposit your employees’ payroll directly into their checking or savings accounts at the financial institution of their choice:

  • Eliminates payroll reconciliation
  • Eliminates stop payment and reissuing for lost checks
  • Employees receive credit into their account on payday versus taking a paper check to their bank, avoiding hassle, time and possibly a fee for check cashing.  

Online Bill Pay

Pay bills from your business account online:

  • Electronically (when available)
  • Check (printed and mailed for you)


A combination of two or more accounts is utilized to manage cash flow between your operating account and an interest bearing account or a loan account:

  • Determine a average balance to be maintained in the operating account then have the excess monies either:

                    1. Sweep to an interest bearing account   (pays you interest on extra monies)
                    2. Sweep to a loan account (saves you money on interest owed)

  • Funds can sweep back to the operating account when needed to maintain the determined balance.  

Remote Deposit Capture*

  • Remote Deposit enables you to deposit checks into your account from the convenience of your office using a PC and check scanner.

                    1. Requires a Windows-based computer and an internet connection
                    2. Requires a scanner (provided)                              

 *Approval required